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Time to move

I’m slowly starting to consolidate my online outputs, migrating my other blogs to a new place. I’ll put redirects in place soon enough (once I figure out an elegant solution), but for now it’s fair to say that One Man Blogs has had its time in the sun and that it’s time to move on.

Not massively, and for now I’m not quite sure what direction I’m going in to be honest, but I’m changing so my blogs will start to reflect that.

I’m still building but feel free to head to to see what’s what.

Or not.

As ever, I do this for me. Not you.

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February Resolutions

Partly due to circumstance, partly by choice, I tend to let January just ‘happen’ and avoid any specific resolutions if I can. Admittedly, this month I’ve been getting my head into my new job, handing over previous responsibilities and as I spent last week in Sunnyvale working I’ve not had a routine around which to structure anything that requires my resolve.

February rolls around and it’s now that I’m looking at what I will be aiming for this year and, as this year I turn 40, I’m determined to continue the slow progress of last year and continue my weight loss. Hopefully I can get back into jogging, even if my knees complain it’ll give me the push to get them sorted properly, and the bike will make more of an appearance for sure.

I didn’t think I was that bothered about my age but now that it’s approaching, the number 40 is looming large. Add in my new role, which will have me working harder, and getting fit is a must. No more excuses.

I’ve started today if I’m honest, a light lunch and some fruit, and I’ll have some rice and vegetables for dinner, but that’s mostly to counteract last week! I’ve yet to step on the scales this year and I’m preparing for the worst, but I know I can do this, if I can just get into a routine.

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I’m sitting in a hotel room, it’s 8am, I’ve had breakfast, and we leave for the office in 20 mins. I have a couple of meetings scheduled, but thankfully I’m not too busy today.

This is not been the story for the rest of this week. Instead we’ve been leaving at 8am and starting full days of meetings and workshops from 8.30 until around 6.30. Then we go out for dinner as a group and get back to the hotel around 10pm. I’d then spend 30 minutes typing up some notes from the day, go to bed and wake around 5am.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy working hard, I enjoy the buzz of bouncing ideas back and forth, the challenges and arguments, and without a doubt this week has been a great success, work-wise.

But it does make me realise how much I need my own space for a few hours. It’s not an every day thing, but other than the flight I’ve not had much more than a few mins in the morning and later at night to gather my thoughts and take a breath.

I always knew I needed a release valve of some sort at times, but this week it’s been brought into sharp focus.

In other news, Sunnyvale is NOT living up to its name! It has been raining for 3 days now.


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