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About Gordon McLean

I’ve been online for almost 11 years, and have had this particular website since the 6th of August 1998 to be precise – this is the latest evolution/incarnation and the longest running with over four years of blog entries.


My name is Gordon. I also responded to G and Tango (some people call me Gordy, I answer to it, but I’ve never really liked it.. only family and close friends get away with it).

By day I work in Technical Communications (making sure that everyone has the information that they need), writing software manuals and online help systems, at night I go home and design websites.

About This Site

The earliest version of this site that the Wayback Machine can find is from October 2000 and doesn’t look great as it’s lost the images and stylesheets. The earliest for is from March 2001, and oh how I wish I’d been more diligent in keeping older versions of the site properly archived. In saying that there is still a live version of my site available at my old hosts Lineone.

I do have SOME archives but they are offline, so here’s some screenshots of what the site looked like in:

Privacy and Copyright Issues

I publish under a Creative Commons license. So that’s me covered (essentially, credit me if I wrote what you are using, and it would be nice to hear about where it is used as well). As for you guys, any comments left in my comment boxes are subject to my whim and whimsy … kidding. I may delete duplicated posts, or tidy up broken HTML but I will never ever ever edit your comment (OK, unless it’s hateful). That’s your responsibility, I mean it’s not like I tell you what to wear in the morning is it (is it?). I reserve the right to change my mind about this policy at any time. This is NOT a democracy.

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