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Looking forward

No this isn’t going to be about resolutions.

No it’s not going to be long.

All it is, is this:

To everyone, have a wonderful 2003. I’m not sure what mine will hold, but I do know I will make the most of what I have. I will try and learn from the past and better the future.

OK, is it time to start drinking yet?

Have a wonderful hogamanay! See you next year!

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Start drinking at 3:30pm + Finish drinking at 11:30pm = Sore head this morning.

More drinks at 5:30pm, dinner at 9pm, guess what I’ll have tomorrow…

In saying that yesterday was excellent. It was the (soon to be ‘traditional’) meeting of friends at Stu and Alan’s flat. Pressies were exchanged, drinks and food consumed, and the time flew by far too quickly. When people start falling asleep you know it’s been a good afternoon!

And so, onto tonight. More friends, more booze, more food. A sedate, civilized dinner with acquaintances or sitting getting pissed in the pub? Well kinda both I guess.

Well, better get back downstairs, Louise is in ‘spring clean’ mode and has dismantled half the kitchen cupboards to make sure there is no ‘old dirt’ left over from 2002 when we enter 2003*. Luckily I don’t hold with such superstitions.

Ohh and we will be greeting the New Year on Loch Lomond watching the fireworks and floating the night away. Reminds me, must go and buy a couple of lifejackets!

* On re-reading this I would like to point out that we do not live in a hovel. Our house is clean and germ free at all times, well the times that count anyway…

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Catching Up

(The following are not in any specific order, too much alcohol still in my system to be able to follow anything resembling order….)

Stuart has gone all Scandinavian on us (check those dates).
Vaughan posted on Christmas Day and is looking for human contact, or maybe he’s happy talking to his plants.
Mike’s Christmas card was funny, look at the joy on those faces!
Meg sums things up briefly, unlike my rambling monologue below.Pinky needs cheering up methinks (just don’t say Ho ho ho…)
Anna sets a record for the longest she’s ever NOT blogged (other than when she didn’t blog at all)
Caroline enjoyed the peace and quiet at Christmas, must try that some year.
Sarah wasn’t well at Christmas… awwww…
Nick is pondering purchasing a 17″ TFT screen , go on, someone buy him a late Xmas pressie!
Richard is still at his parents (I presume)
Lynn’s site is all festive.
Peter has announced the Top 10 Greatest Gay Britons (I know who I want to win!) and is looking for people to ‘promote’ their choice.
Jeremy is spending Christmas in the Loire Valley (v.nice!)
Jenny didn’t get to watch White Christmas (I hope she managed it later though), I blubbed my way through It’s a Wonderful Life as usual!!
Gert is partying hard and is “Almost as wild as Lorraine Kelly”…
Jennie got a keyboard too! (Yamaha like mine!)
J-mo got a new camera to take pictures of all the stuff she got that she doesn’t know where to put.. hmm that sounds familiar!
Michele followed the commandments of Homer (and Homer really does know best, and yes I am referring to the fat, bald yellow Mr Simpson not that Greek bloke)
Shelagh passed a milestone – Happy Birthday!
Julie had a wonderful Christmas Day which I’m glad after her recent troubles.
Owen keeps it simple but heartfelt I’m sure.
Jon survived the ‘not-so-frozen’ North and had a good time by all accounts.
Stacy says it with a rebus…
And Lyle discovers Russian Vodka Shot chocolates.


(Hmm who did I miss?)

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