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BAD bad

And finally… Good news and bad news.

My sister is happy. This is good news.

The bad news; A friend of mine recently had some distressing news concerning a car getting broken into, the guy who did it cutting himself and bleeding all over the interior over the car. My friend then drove the car home only to receive a call from the police helpfully informing her that, as the man himself stated when he was arrested minutes after breaking into her car (thanks to a chance police van that happened to be passing), the blood did have traces of HIV+ and Necrotizing Fasciitis (also known as Flesh-Eating Disease). I have struggled to find the right words for both here and when I speak directly to my friend. I’m not sure I will find them. My thoughts and prayers are with you K, as are many others, it will be alright.

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Blogger Manifesto “blogging is the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web”.

There has been a LOT written, about this activity of blogging, recently. Why people do it, where it is headed etc etc. I’ve read most of the major ones and, to be honest I can agree with them all. However I fear that the collective voice the bloggers represent is unlikely to become a reliable source of journalism or radically change the way news and information is handled. YES there has been an explosion recently, but I think it is more tied to the lack of direction the Internet has suddenly developed (no more vortals.. eh what’s next?). I’m still not 100% sure why I do this, although I’m pretty sure it’s more for me than you (sorry).

In case you missed them:
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A List Apart: How to write a better weblog
Adam Curry: Blogging: Tune Out and Switch On
PC Mag: The Blog Phenomenon

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Tight Fit

Heading to Greens Gym tonight to join (especially as the joining fee is currently being waived). I get a discounted rate through my company (which is very nice of them). Looks like I’ll soon be torturing myself on various impliments referred to as, I believe, exercise machines. Ohhh the joys…

Bit of late night shopping first, after a beer or two. Busy night ahead.

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