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Too much

I’ve had enough. So has Louise.

We generally reach this point at the same time, which is quite handy, although if I’m honest I possibly reach it before she does, I just ignore it for longer (or maybe she does that too).

Tonight the house is GETTING IT BIG TIME.

I should probably explain what I mean, right? Well we live in a three-bedroomed semi-detached house. The smallest bedroom is the ‘office’ as it has the computer in it. The largest bedroom is ours, and the spare bedroom … well that belongs to Louise I guess. We have a single bed and a couple of wardrobes in there, and it’s mainly used as a large walk in closet by Louise. It’s also where the clean clothes go before they get put away. Well, when I say “before they get put away” I really mean, “where they stay until they get worn”. It’s a bad habit we’ve both gotten into, and currently you can’t see the bed for the clean clothes strewn over it.

It came to a head this morning when it took me 10 MINUTES to find something to wear. 10 MINUTES of cursing, swearing and much pulling and messing of the piles of clothes. Including several brief pauses where I thought I’d found what I was looking for only to realise, having pulled the item from the pile, that it was in fact NOT my dark blue shirt but a bra.

That, coupled with the growing daily accumulation of bits and bobs and this and that, has turned our house into somewhat of a midden. So tonight we have vowed to tackle the house head on and tidy it within an inch of its very being. It may even get hoovered and dusted as well.

And then on Saturday the Christmas tree goes up and we’ll mess it up all over again.

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UPDATE: Should be fixed now. Many, many, MANY thanks to Jann for pointing out the bleedin’ obvious. ;-)

So it looks like the main screw up in my migration to WordPress has, somehow, been an alteration in how this page displays in IE6 (and possibly lower). Buggeration. How is that possible? I’m using the same CSS to control the three columns you see here (or if you are using IE6 you will see when you scroll down), and I’ve not changed ANYTHING else except replace the Blogger codes with WordPress codes.

I had a quick look at this last night but come 10.30pm I could hardly keep my eyes open. Another quick look this morning and nothing obvious is leaping out at me. Anyone got any ideas? Or maybe it’s time for another redesign? (although I really can’t face it and I LIKE this design, not mention how feckin hard it was to make the content column appear first in the code).

So, if you’ll allow me a spot of indulgence, I’d like to quote Hugh Grant’s character, Charles, from Four Weddings and a Funeral and say:

Bugger! Bugger! Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!

Did you realise that Four Weddings and a Funeral is ten years old? No, neither did I. It’s almost depressing.

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Bad man

It happens in an instant, you walk round the corner and bump into a rather attractive lady. In a split second you both mumble apologises and a split second later you both realise you vaguely know each other.

One more split second passes and you realise that you still haven’t phoned her like you promised you would, ten years ago.

Now, if only I could remember her name…

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