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Bit busy so a few quick thoughts.


Remember that musical meme which went round in January? Well I’ve been spotting it all over the place in the last couple of days. Apparently it’s hit the “design” guys and gals. I used to think that they set the trends, but it seems like we are all further ahead than we think!!


Paul (brother-in-law) and Angela (his girlfriend) are over tonight for dinner. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with him buying a new MP3 player, and even less to do with the fact that I have 58GB of music on my PC.


Blog etiquette. More on this later, but it’s a bit like life. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face then don’t say it online. Ohhh and there is NEVER any reason to degenerate into name calling and whatnot. I’ll happily disagree with someone, and have them disagree with me, but everyone has the right to expect courtesy and politeness. Pausing before you type is usually the best method.


Football starting up again soon. Must get fit. No chocolate has passed my lips for three days. Yes, I’m counting!

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