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Blogger bug fixed

So it seems that Blogger have a solution for their recently introduced layout problems.

  1. Log in to Blogger.
  2. On the dashboard, select your blog.
  3. Select the Settings tab.
  4. Select the Formatting option.
  5. Scroll down and set Enable float alignment to No.

This will stop Blogger adding those nasty <div clear:both> tags. Everything is explained in this post although I think they might have been better advised broadcasting it a bit further.

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Well done Canada and Spain.


That other site I run has just hit a landmark, 300 members. Wow. It’s been a fun couple of years and I’m hoping the next couple will be even better (irons in fire, etc etc).


Now, I have to admit I feel slightly guilty* when I go on holiday as I would hate to deprive my dear reader of my nonsense carefully considered posts, so I’ve scheduled a few posts to be published whilst I’m away.

Upcoming posts

(Awww c’mon, you didn’t think I’d give you the post titles, did ya?)


Not got time to fix the miniblog (after Blogger started adding in extra code without being asked!) so Keep an eye on my account for the meantime. anyway…


And yes, the HaloScan is playing silly buggers, hassles installing a new database server I believe. Sorry.

* no not really

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Handling Referrer Spam

Thankfully this is not an area I’ve had much experience in, so I’ve done a little Googling and come up with some interesting ideas and ways to handle referrer spam.

Firstly it helps to know if you are being hit hard by it, and for that you’ll need access to server logs or a basic statistics package for your website. If you start seeing odd names in your referrer logs and your bandwidth usage starts to skyrocket then read on.

Rather than waffle on at length I’ll quickly point you to a couple of articles, one short one “why are they doing it and what should we do about them?” and a more indepth article that also includes some proposals for handling referrer spam.

There is one simple way to handle referrer spam, that’s to block access to your site for the domain name that is being used. A lot of referrer spam will use sub-domains so blocking the top-level domain name handles all the sub-domains as well. For example:
If you are receiving refferer spam from,, and so on, then blocking “” from accessing your site should block those other referrers.

Obviously the people behind referrer spam are aware of this and so use .com, .us, .tv and anything else they can get their hands on. For this reason, manually adding and blocking referrer spam sites is laborious, time-consuming and ultimately a losing battle.

However if, like me, you are only experiencing a small amount of referrer spam then here’s an article that explains how to create an “.htaccess” file to block referrer spam (scroll down to the “How to do this” section).

WordPress users try Referrer Karma (now running on this site), or bad behavior, and then anyone can use WannaBrowser to test if they are working.

So, hopefully I’ll be referrer spam free(ish) from here on out, ohh and if anyone gets a message along the lines of “Please click on the following link if you are not redirected automatically (sorry for the inconvenience)” then let me know.

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