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The year is drawing to a close, the house is tidied, the bins are empty, just my grotty self to clean and polish.

As is now tradition we’ll head down to spend New Year with friends. We’ll drink, drink, eat, play games, drink, laugh, drink, and finally give up and call it a night/morning.

If we are back in our street in time we might even pop in and first foot the neighbours, as that is what hogmanay is all about, finding the next party to celebrate the coming of a new year.

All the very best to all of you, thanks for visiting throughout 2008, and here’s to a fantastic 2009.

Raise your glasses, one and all. Sláinte Mhath!

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Bye bye 2008

Almost the end of the year.

I should post about all the things that have happened.

But I won’t. Can’t. Will not, regardless.

I could recap the books I’ve read.

But I won’t.

Maybe list the new bands and albums I discovered?

Nope, won’t do that either.

Or perhaps just relive the best of the posts from this very blog?

I definitely won’t do that, too narcissistic.

Instead I’ll continue as I always do, dreaming, planning and pondering. Random thoughts of random things, all loosely intertwined. I have dreams for what 2009 may hold, but then I had dreams for 2008.

Still, now is not the time for melancholy and blue. Too easy to slip into that realm, the future looming large into view with the New Year on the horizon, a dark and scary mass, tentacles and fire reaching out to terrorise my thoughts.

Instead I will focus and change to a light. A single bright beacon to which I’m drawn. One path instead of five, although even as I type I know that that will not hold true. I will hop and skip here and there, snagged on branches, tripped by potholes, for such is the path of my life. And yours. I know that all too well.

But then isn’t that all part of the fun? Bumping into everyone else as we navigate ourselves, pinballing and careering towards… something.

Perhaps it will be enough that I move forward.

And so, with that in mind, I won’t be looking back. No lists, no best ofs, no recaps and remembrance here. Instead forward, hurtling towards the what ifs, the maybes, the laughter and pain, the suffering and joy.

Raise your glasses, one and all. Here’s to life, and everything it will throw at us. I know we will get there.

I just wish I knew where there is.

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I wonder if I’ll manage to make 2009 a year of change? Takes a lot of willpower to change, but at some point I guess I need to bite the bullet and all that.

In my head I’ve already resolved to take more photographs, having got a wide angle lens for my camera I really should make the time to go out and take some decent photographs. I’ll need a new camera bag mind you, as I’ve now got two extra lenses, not to mention a set of macro filters.

I should also spend less time on the computer and use that extra time doing… well anything else really. I received some good books for Christmas so I can hopefully kick start my dormant reading worm, as well as taking a little time to do some exercise more than.. ehh… never a week.

So, yes. As I sit here and type I’m filled with hope and optimism for the coming year. A year of change I think. I hope. Perhaps.

It’s always easier to MAKE the resolutions than to keep them. So perhaps I’ll just be happy if I can develop any form of resolve for anything at all. That might just be enough.

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