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Being prepared

It is most definitely Monday. Let me rewind the opening part of my morning for you, to offer you proof that it is most definitely Monday.

~ wibblywobbly wibblywobbly wibblywobbly ~

I’m lying in bed and somewhere in the distance, through the murk of a lie-in I hear the radio. Voices, a rabble, some music, and then the pips. I open my eyes to hear the announcement of the time.

9 AM.

As my eyes close once more my brain reminds me, in somewhat hurried tones, that I have a meeting in Glasgow at 10.30AM and perhaps, you know, maybe, it might be an idea if I got up.

I tell my brain to shut up.

It responds by sending a large jolt of recognition through my body.

SHIT!!! I need to get the 9.50AM train. Shit shit shit!

I leap out of bed, rush through my morning ablutions, haul on my clothes, hurriedly pack a bag (headphones, book, notepad, pen) and check the time. 9.24AM.

The station is a 30 minute walk from the house. I could rush and make it, probably, or I could get a taxi. As it is I’m still half asleep so decide a taxi is the best option.

Having just ‘won’ 10 minutes I decide to boil the kettle for a quick cup of coffee. Whilst it’s boiling I double-check the details of the meeting. The name of the guy I’m meeting, his phone number, the time 10.30AM, the location (big hotel in Glasgow), and yup, it’s happening on Tuesday the 1st of December.


I hate Mondays.

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The Piano

The Piano, originally uploaded by Gordon.

This piano encapsulates a large part of my life.

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THAT time of year

Casting a wary eye over my calendar for the next month or so, given that we are now only a calendar month away from that day which tends to dominate things at this time of year, I realised that, as usual, my weekends are slowly melting into a morass of shopping trips, nights out and other such social occasions. Oddly I’m not attending any gigs at all in December, although that’s largely because I didn’t realise certain gigs were happening until it was too late.

It’s always good to go out and have a few drinks, some laughs and general merriment with friends, family and hell even my colleagues aren’t all that bad. But sometimes I’d like nothing better than to curl up on the sofa and waste a day or two watching crap movies. Hell I’d even take a day of watching good movies if I had to!

I tend to veer between feeling very socialable and outgoing to a complete hermit attitude, happy in my solitude, in my own space with no expectations of ‘joining in’. I grab those moments when I can, but I’m aware they don’t come round very often in December.

Of course, the next month becomes one of constant calendar checking, particularly as the ‘end of the year’ rush descends, although that’s one thing I’ve never really understood. Yeah, the year is ending, but if it wasn’t planned to be done by now, why the rush? Why the ‘need’ to get it done to start the New Year fresh? There will always be stuff to do.

And on that note I’ll make you a promise right now. I will NOT be writing any form of 2009 review, if ya wanna read it, it’s all there in the archives. What? You think I write this drivel for your benefit??

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