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Knowing Better

I am annoyed.

I am annoyed mostly at myself, largely because I knew this was something that needed done but didn’t do it for the usual reasons that everyone uses to put off doing anything. Too busy, too tired, not enough time, etc etc.

It’s one of those things that won’t take half as long as I think, and I’ll feel good for having done it.

I have everything I need to do the job, I just haven’t gotten round to it yet, and someone has pointed out that it needs done and that has made me annoyed at myself for not doing it.

But then, does anyone enjoy varnishing their porch?

And no, unfortunately, that is not a euphemism.

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Still here

Am packing, send boxes! and Jaffa Cakes!!

We are packing, splitting up fragments of our life into cardboard boxes. We are trying to do this whilst keeping the house looking tidy and clean for any potential viewers, so the boxes are stacked in the garage. Not ideal but it’ll do for now.

We’ve had one viewer, who will be back for another viewing soon hopefully, and two other hopefuls. So, once again, we’ll make the bed, tidy up as we go, and generally live in a house that is already starting to feel less and less like ours.

Which, given the circumstances, isn’t a bad thing. Easing our way into the future.

In other news, went to see Kick Ass at the cinema yesterday (it was something to do as we had to be out of the house anyway). What a brilliant movie! Well written, didn’t take itself too seriously and hey, what other movie has a small girl with kung fu moves, a predilection for knives and guns and who utters the line … ok, no spoilers, just drag over this gap if you wanna know what she says (contains swearies!) “Okay you cunts… Let’s see what you can do now! “.

As I said on Twitter “Just watched Kick Ass. Was it good? The clue is in the title of the movie. Irreverent fun at its best!“.

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On Shopping

I’m a terrible shopper.

If I’m shopping for something I need I’m just the worst person, unable to make a decision because, well, what if there is a cheaper option in the next shop, or a better model for the same price, or maybe I won’t suit that colour?


If I’m shopping for something specific I tend to weigh up my options a million times, then a few times more just to make sure.

But when I’m shopping for anything, when I have no real need and I’m just enjoying browsing random shops, then I’m a wonderful shopper, I’m a positive spendaholic. I see all sorts of things that I like and would happily purchase them all if I had the money, and somewhere to put them.

I have no real fixed style so that could be very dangerous. I’m easily influenced by kitsch, and impractical items seem to draw me in and shout “YOU MUST HAVE ME”.

So how I managed to spend a wonderful few hours in Glasgow yesterday and only buy two things, both of which I needed (after a fashion) is beyond me.

And no, this isn’t another post analysing what goes in my head because I’m starting to let go of all that stuff. I think this will stand me in good stead when I get my own place. The art on the walls will be entirely down to me, so I will allow myself a moment or two to ponder such purchases and if I like it, even if I’m not sure where it would go, I’ll probably buy it.

This is the thing about having a quiet weekend. Shopping on Saturday morning was fab, and I got to spend all day today thinking about it all over again.

I do wish I’d bought that little pewter bird though..

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