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No more shopping!

But still got baking to do!

Yup, I think I’m all shopped out and after tonight, everything will be wrapped and ready to hand out.

There is then the small matter of making the trifle for Christmas dinner, and baking some bread for the Annual Christmas Party on the 27th. I’m going for two flavour of tear-n-share style loaves, Sage and Onion, and Garlic. The toffee vodka is ready for apple juice (toffee apples!), and the cola cube vodka is ready for lime juice (fizzy cola bottles!) and suffice to say my calendar is chock full of reminders so I don’t forget anything.

I have one more full day of work left tomorrow, then I’m off work until 2012. Let me hear ya say WOOOHOOOOOOOO.

I’m going to try and remember to take my camera with me over the festive season as well, be nice to try and capture some images/memories, rather than relying on my shonky (and that’s when I’m sober) memory!

Next thing I need to sort out? What will I wear to the Hogmanay party?

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Weekend of OSSUM!

Sometimes things just work, pieces fall into place and without really realising it you discover you are happy, content and completely at peace with the world.

And, coming from a grumpy bugger, that’s saying something!

So it transpired that Saturday and Sunday melted into one big pot of OSSUM. A slow paced Saturday, an amazing night out in Edinburgh until the wee sma’ hours with some lovely people and no small amount of fun, and then a Sunday of wonderful lethargy.

Not going to say any than that, but did want to capture the moment before the memories fade, such weekends are few and far between… the resolution of next year, MORE PLEASE!

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We wish you a thingywotsit…

Yes, it’s definitely that time of year. The music has started to be played on the radio (where are all the NEW Christmas songs??), the first dusting of slush has plopped itself all over everything, and I’ve got a cupboard bursting with presents ready to be wrapped, not to mention cards to be written and posted.

Oh yeah, and this year I will have a Christmas tree.

It’s also that time of year when you look at your calendar and think… ‘right, when shall I fit in some sleep?’ because all of a sudden there are only a few weekends to go and you’ve got one or two nights out in a row and you start to feel old and wonder if you can manage but then you go out and it’s fab and you think ‘hey, I don’t really NEED sleep’ and then suddenly one day you sleep for 14 hours and are quite happy to do the same the next day, just as you are happy to eat trifle for breakfast, demolish a chocolate orange for lunch, and takeaway is a chore because it means getting up off the sofa to answer the door. Meanwhile your living room is strewn with wrapping paper, half-empty coffee mugs and wine glasses huddle together (you did start to tidy up but it was just too much effort) and you start to wonder if you are getting a cold.

Then the next night out comes along, you struggle out the door and whoooosh, alcohol happens and it’s fabĀ and you think ‘hey, I don’t really NEED sleep’ …

Repeat until January.

I fuckin love Christmas.

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