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This Friday, for one night only

As I previously mentioned, I’ll be in London at the end of the week and, specifically, on Friday night I’ll be in the Ship & Shovell from around 6pm (probably earlier, I’m always early).

Several other people will turn up, some you may know online, some you may have met before, some you may have wanted to meet but haven’t managed to yet, and some you will want to meet even if you don’t have the foggiest idea who they are. You’ll also have to put up with me.

If you are thinking of going, but are a bit wary, please let me know. Most people will be bloggers/twitters, and none of them have two heads (ohh except him, but he always leaves early). It’s a ragged group of smart, funny, and down to earth people, the last twice I’ve managed to arrange something like this it’s been great fun.

Also, it’s in a pub. Pubs serve alcohol. What can be so bad?

Ohh and happy to exchange mobile numbers if you aren’t sure but want to check we haven’t moved on if you decide to come along (we won’t, although reception wasn’t great when I was last there), let me know.

Hope to see you all there, mine’s a Guinness!

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Photo 101

I’ve packed in my photography course, largely because the ‘lecturer’ was about as far from a natural teacher as I could imagine and, whilst it’s interesting seeing someone talk about the photos they took, I couldn’t face sitting there for 3 hours a night, 10 weeks in a row, hearing story, after story, after story.

Still, I have a new camera and I’m determined to experiment. I’ve got precious little time in the coming weeks, but the lighter mornings and evenings have kicked in so that gives me a bit more scope as to when I can go for a wander with my camera.

I’m also going to take it to Brighton/London next week, so that’ll be fun. Never been to Brighton. I hope it doesn’t rain.

Regardless, it’ll be good to get some time with my new camera, re-teach myself the basics as, for the last year or so, all I’ve had is my iPhone. It was a deliberate decision, not to have any other camera, and I find myself far more prone to a quick snap with it, allowing me to leave the camera for when I want to be a bit more thoughtful/artistic/expressive.

Time will tell how my usage of both the iPhone as a camera will balance out now I have a dedicated camera again, but it’s gonna be fun whilst I find out.

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On not writing

Typically, when I’ve a lot going on I’ll try and find some time to write things down. I find it hugely effective at understanding what I’m thinking, what emotions I’m going through and what I need to do next.

With everything that has happened to my Mum these past few weeks, I’ve been slowly jotting down notes and thoughts, with the aim of posting something here. But the longer it lies there, unposted, the less likely I think it is that I will post it.

When Mum had the first ‘attack’, I sat with her as she recovered. It was a horrible, horrible time, not knowing what was going on, being scared for her, of losing her, and a thousand other emotions that were flooding my every thought. It is a very personal thing and, I realise now, far more personal than I’d want to share on here (anymore).

I will say this though. Facebook rocks*.

I took the idea from a friend of ours who was rushed into hospital with a brain tumour. She’s recovered now but her husband kept us all up-to-date via Facebook. I’ve been doing the same with updates from my Mum.

You have no idea how much heart we have taken from your comments, and “Likes”. My Mum doesn’t know many of you, but your generosity and all round loveliness has really helped. Thank you.

* but it’s still mostly gash…

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