Whether on a cycle of debt, earnings too low to sustain your living standards, or you may want to jumpstart saving to achieve a certain goal such as investing or buying a home, there is a need to look for help as to achieve these objectives. In this guide, I have compiled a list of how to manage your money better

Reading Articles About Personal Finances.

I may try to save but am stranded on how to get started. It is essential to look for knowledge from articles published by experts.

Several articles and books are found almost everywhere on how one can control their finances, from getting out of that cycle of debts to building an investment platform. Books may play a significant role in how we manage our daily or monthly income.

To boost my savings, I buy highly rated financial books online or borrow them from the local library. There are audio books alternatives as well of course.

Start Budgeting

Most of us may be struggling to handle our income; the best option is creating a budget- this is a plan on how I may spend my money either monthly depending on the earning or spending. A budget is essential in changing the financial future.

To start, I write down my income and the expenses I incur; I then subtract the expenses from my earning to determine the unnecessary spending. At the start of each month, I always have my budget ready to have a keen look at how I spend on unnecessary things. I track my spending over the month and at the end to determine whether I am on the right track as far as the budget is concerned.

If I happen to find I spent more than what was on my budget, the next thing is fixing the budget by getting rid of unnecessary expenses or trying to earn more next time. Now it is time to start implementing the newly revised budget to achieve your financial goals.

Reducing The Monthly Bills

One way I have tried to take care of my finances is by reducing my monthly expenses.

Although it is hard to reduce some fixed expenses, like car payment and rent, we can cut other variables on the expenses, like entertainment and clothes, by thinking frugally and being flexible without tampering with your lifestyle.

Reducing electricity consumption to save on utility costs, Choosing different home providers or insurance, and buying food in bulk to get a discount are some of the tricks that have worked for me.

Checking on the Credit Report

Your credit score may have an impact on the following:

Ability to qualify for a loan or mortgage

Job applications

Rental applications

The interest that I may pay when settling my debts

Applying for a credit card

Having put all the implications into consideration, I have a valid reason why I should check on my credit score.

Getting a credit score can be done for free as long as I can access my credit card dashboard online. Another way I access my credit score online for free is by use of services like credit karma. The application monitors my credit score for free.

Cancel TV Subscriptions

When we talk of reducing monthly bills, there is one bill that I have cut, and indeed, it has saved me a lot of money; the bill for TV subscriptions. To achieve the financial goals, I had to cut the amount I spend on TV entertainment. What I mean by this is by getting rid of premium subscriptions like Sky and Netflix. I will go for a basic bouquet that is affordable and won’t tamper with the monthly budget.

Avoid Eating Out

Looking for one way to minimize the monthly expenses? Minimize eating out. The idea of cooking at home will work great for me as long as my expenses are concerned.

The expenses I may incur eating at the restaurant once can be the same expenses I can use to cook at home for at least two days.

Starting An Emergency Fund

Starting an emergency fund is the first piece of advice any financial expert will advise on. The experts will recommend having an emergency fund with enough money that may last for 3-6 months.

The money is not meant for use on paying bills, but in case of emergencies like job loss or health emergencies are unexpected, and that where the need to use the money arises.

Having that emergency fund account helps me control my finances because I am more than ready when something abrupt and unexpected occurs without derailing my financial plans.

Paying Down The Debts

To get total control over my debts, the best thing I did to myself was settling all my outstanding debts. When in debt, I have no control over my income since I am forced to pay every month.

Once I clear all my debts, I am free to use my money how I wish. With no debt I can comfortably save or invest and use the money on more important things.

Turn The Existing Skills Into A Source Of Income.

While reducing expenses plays a significant role in helping us achieve our financial goal. Another great option is increasing the source of the income.

Starting a side hustle is a great way to earn extra income, as long I got the required skill to start the hustle. I encourage the use of the existing skills to help in managing the hustle.

The money I am likely to make here, I will use towards achieving the financial goal.


When I choose to free myself from my financial burdens, I will be relieved. I will be in control, and the stress level will reduce—one thing to be proud of having achieved the financial goal I wanted.

Paying down the debts, sticking to a simple budget, evaluating my spending and having an emergency fund for emergencies. As I earn, I start focusing on investments. If I can do all this, then I can proudly say I have achieved my financial goal